7 Irish Lessons

Just like that, my Irish adventure is at an end. I had a beautiful 12-months in Galway and countless memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. My return home is bittersweet to be sure, as I am living firmly in the space between nostalgia for those I left behind and the euphoria for those… Continue Reading

Celebrating Forgiveness

“Forgiveness liberates the soul” – Nelson Mandela I don’t remember the exact moment when I first came across him. Maybe I had to research his life for a school project. Perhaps it was that Clint Eastwood movie or multiple U2 tributes over the years. Either way, I have always been struck by the idea that… Continue Reading

A Prayer of Light

I’m paralyzed by anger and grief. It’s days like this where a thick frost covers my heart and the simple act of taking a deep breath requires a courage I can’t find. America, I love you. But how many more nightmares must we endure before you choose to wake up? We must lean into this… Continue Reading

Passion Is Life Force

U2 is celebrating its 41st (!) anniversary as a band today, an occasion marked by a telephone-pole scratch that caught my eye this morning. My love for U2’s music is both well documented and explored, yet I wish to speak with simplicity: I owe a great deal of gratitude towards four Irish musicians who helped… Continue Reading

Joy As Defiance

As I settle into life here in Ireland, my view of the geopolitical landscape is shifting to a fuller, broader worldview: because I am farther away from the United States, I feel both more observant to what is happening across the globe and yet also increasingly sensitive to the repercussions of events back home. The… Continue Reading

The Edge of the Earth

Dramatic landscapes yield dramatic words. Imagine you are overlooking an ancient metropolis. The city exists simply in between; it resides in the space where earth, sea and sky all convene. The skyline is littered with pillars of primordial stone and no two are alike. A thick layer of emerald moss covers each column, sparkling beneath… Continue Reading

Planting Seeds and Dancing Leaves

I am halfway through my fifth day in Ireland and each new moment seems to build upon the last. In every city I’ve lived, there have always been certain places where I seek comfort before finding it…specific locations where I sow emotional and creative seeds to cultivate and grow. Even though my original garden is… Continue Reading

We Are What We Create

August 18th, 2:38am – Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean The hum of the jet engine is a calming white noise and yet, I can’t sleep. Maybe it’s the overpriced gummy bears from the Boston airport that are keeping me awake or perhaps it’s the emotional roller coaster of the past 48 hours that has left… Continue Reading