BLOCKED – The Short (Short) Film

Have you ever had Writer’s Block?

BLOCKED is a class project from my first semester at the Huston Film School, National University of Ireland Galway.

In Screenwriting class, we were instructed to write a 1-3 minute story without dialogue. Out of 11 scripts, 2 of them were voted to be produced in our Directing Workshop. Production roles were distributed from there and we were given 4 weeks to find a location, cast an actor, rehearse, film and edit.

The whole experience was a wonderful opportunity and one that’s had a positive impact on my creativity moving forward. I hope you enjoy!


Writer and Director: Jason Natzke

Actor: Alexander Bates

Producer: Angelina Look

Camera: Brian Ruane and Kevin Cawley

Sound: Sarah Mc Evoy

Editor: John James McDonagh





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