A Prayer of Light

I’m paralyzed by anger and grief. It’s days like this where a thick frost covers my heart and the simple act of taking a deep breath requires a courage I can’t find. America, I love you. But how many more nightmares must we endure before you choose to wake up?

We must lean into this pain as a whole, wander through this emotional desolation as a united force. In mourning together, we discover that grief is another form of love…and love is strongest when shared. It multiplies when given the space to grow.

While we cannot understand the senseless violence, we can understand how to overcome it. Beyond the dense veil of sorrow lies the true essence of our being: inextinguishable light. Spread the love amid the tears. Hug someone you love, hold the door for a stranger with a smile. If days like this uncover the dark side of humanity, they can also remind us of the ability we hold to lift each other up.

(Words and Photography – © Jason Natzke 2017)

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