Passion Is Life Force

U2 is celebrating its 41st (!) anniversary as a band today, an occasion marked by a telephone-pole scratch that caught my eye this morning. My love for U2’s music is both well documented and explored, yet I wish to speak with simplicity:

I owe a great deal of gratitude towards four Irish musicians who helped create the space for my discovery of emotional release through means of creative expression. Using the band’s music as a tool, I not only unearthed an organic courage within my being to share my own artistic voice, but was also given a catalogue of melodies to decant my passion for creativity and its impact.

This is my prayer: Love what you love. Passion is life force. Let it fill you up. Without it, our vibrancy dims. Passion deserves to be celebrated because in doing so, we liberate our own brilliant identity.

(Copyright 2017 – Jason Natzke)

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