An International Student Film Festival!

I am pleased to announce that my short documentary titled Busking is an Official Selection of "Une Nuit Trop Courte 2018", an International Student Film Festival! I will be traveling to Grenoble, France in support of my project from March 2-3rd. With over 100 submissions from film students across the globe, I am thrilled and... Continue Reading →

The 30-Day Photo Challenge!

I'm excited to announce my embarkation on creative journey for the remainder of 2017: a 30-Day Photo Challenge! I will be posting a photograph each day...there is no way to predict of what, but the "why" is clear: to give you a glimpse of my life in Ireland. Also: because why NOT take a picture... Continue Reading →

Ireland in Pictures – Part 1

Shockingly enough, my academic semester is quickly approaching it's end. Already!? Much of my creative energy has been poured into my studies over the past few months, which explains the lack of blog posts. However, I miss sharing my thoughts/experiences on this site! So I am setting the intention to be more active on Wandering... Continue Reading →

A Prayer of Light

I'm paralyzed by anger and grief. It's days like this where a thick frost covers my heart and the simple act of taking a deep breath requires a courage I can't find. America, I love you. But how many more nightmares must we endure before you choose to wake up? We must lean into this... Continue Reading →

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